Exertis Cybersecurity Teams Up with Object First to Combat Ransomware

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Exertis Cybersecurity, a leading distributor of cybersecurity solutions, has announced its collaboration with Object First, the developer behind Ootbi (Out-of-the-Box-Immutability), a groundbreaking ransomware-proof backup storage appliance tailored for Veeam®. This partnership signifies a significant stride in Exertis Cybersecurity’s mission to furnish cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to organizations across Europe.

Ootbi stands out as a ransomware-proof backup storage solution tailored explicitly for Veeam clients. It offers a seamless, secure, and potent appliance-based backup storage, complete with out-of-the-box immutability and zero root access.

Crafted around the core principles of zero trust and data security, Ootbi empowers customers to substantially diminish their vulnerability to ransomware attacks on backup data without necessitating specialized security expertise for operation. Notably, Ootbi’s object storage is engineered to securely ingest and fortify Veeam data at the default block encryption size, eliminating the need for additional optimization or configuration. Furthermore, it boasts lightning-fast supercharged instant recovery speeds of up to 4Gbps.

Matthew Swindail, Commercial Manager at Exertis Cybersecurity, emphasized the pivotal role of immutable backups in today’s cybersecurity landscape, expressing confidence in Ootbi’s ability to equip channel partners with the essential resources to shield their clients’ data and ensure uninterrupted business operations. Swindail noted the tangible benefits expected from Ootbi, including enhanced data security, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind.

Exertis Cybersecurity brings over 35 years of expertise in delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, catering to over 1,200 clients across the UK and Europe.

Mark Haddleton, EMEA Channel Sales Director at Object First, lauded the decision to partner with Exertis as a distributor, citing the significance of the UK market for Veeam. Haddleton expressed optimism about the widespread advantages that secure, simple, and robust backup storage solutions can offer to Veeam customers, underscoring the anticipation of a robust inaugural year of growth in collaboration with Exertis Cybersecurity.

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