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Mitel Launches Virtual Care and Collaboration Service in Europe

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Mitel, a global leader in business communications, has announced the launch of its Virtual Care and Collaboration Service (VCCS) in seven European countries: the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The company plans to expand this service globally by the third quarter of the year.

Healthcare systems worldwide are under pressure due to financial constraints and increasing patient expectations. Mitel’s VCCS addresses these challenges by providing secure digital video consultations, enabling healthcare providers and insurers to offer patient-centric care. This end-to-end, secure, and compliant solution mimics traditional in-person healthcare experiences through an intuitive workflow.

Elka Popova, VP and Senior Fellow at Frost & Sullivan, highlighted the importance of integrated communication solutions in healthcare. She praised Mitel’s VCCS for setting a new standard in the industry, enhancing every aspect of the patient journey from initial contact to follow-up care. According to Popova, this integration improves operational efficiency and significantly enhances patient experiences and outcomes.

The VCCS platform offers various features designed to improve the experience for healthcare providers, patients, and their families. It facilitates easy-to-use e-consultations with secure voice and video calls, messaging, screen sharing, and file exchange, all without the need for software downloads. The platform also supports adjacent service offerings such as patient monitoring and community care, integrating these into a single interface to save time and improve efficiency. Additionally, VCCS extends services to in-patient bedside terminals, enhancing the hospital experience.

Security is a key component of VCCS, with robust protocols ensuring patient data confidentiality while remaining accessible to authorized healthcare professionals. The platform is flexible, capable of being deployed on-premise, in private or public clouds, or as a hybrid model, providing unparalleled choice for healthcare providers.

Martin Bitzinger, Mitel’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, emphasized that VCCS is designed to enhance patient experiences and operational efficiency. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, supports high-quality multimodal patient interactions, and is compatible with any technology, addressing the healthcare industry’s need for agility, flexibility, and resilience.

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