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Cooperation between HGC and China Telecom in optical fiber connection

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China Telecom (China Telecommunication Corporation) and HGC (formerly Hutchinson Global Communication) will be working together in building a carrier-to-carrier fiber optic connection on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

HGC, founded in 1992 under British ruling, is the leader in fixed-line operators. It also has an extensive number of infrastructures outside of Hong Kong. It is also one of Hong Kong’s main Wi-Fi provider with 29,000 hotspots. It is now owned by I Square Capital, under Asia Cube Global’s infrastructure.

On the other hand, China Telecom is the most important state-owned telecommunication company in China. It manages the third largest broadband network in the world. Their internet offers has 160 million subscribers, and the customers’ number of their mobile service is 260 million.

This Bridge connects Zhuhai, up north Macau, Macau itself and Hong Kong. It is set to open for vehicles on July 1rst 2018.

It will also be used for telecommunications, and thus, an agreement was announced today under a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the two companies.

When finished, the connection will be able to go between 100 Gbps up to 8 Tbps..

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