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BullsEye Telecom offers VoIP based Key System to its customers

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BullsEye Telecom has entered the VoIP based Key System market.

Founded in 1999 in Michigan, BullsEye started by focusing on its local market. Since then, they provide SD-WAN, VoIP, broadband, and POTS to customers across the U.S.

They acquired an experience in converting Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) to VoIP lines. It was able to be a leader company in the U.S. as a multi-location communications solutions provider.

They announced yesterday the launch of its VoIP Based key system.

Evan Branstnern, network endpoint engineer, explains: “The goal with BullsEye’s VoIP Key System was to replicate a phone system that people are used to while at the same time integrate the latest technology and best practices that are reflected in a VoIP-based product.”

This technology will let users park calls with just a button, and then see which line is parked or available. It also let calls being picked up from any location that has the system.