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BITĖ launches a new cloud-based call management solution based on the™ platform

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The Lithuanian mobile operator BITĖ has launched a new Smart call management service oriented towards its business customers, delivering full PBX services to mobile users.


While cloud-based PBX services are now generic, BITĖ’s Smart call management service has fulfilled their specific and innovative requirement that the solution must be delivered over the standard mobile voice network, and should not require data services or the use of an app on the mobile device. The result is a seamless, simple-to-use, fully featured and high availability business voice service, accessible from any mobile device and being operating system agnostic. The solution architecture enables instant deployment of phone system extensions without any action required by the end users (business employees), eliminating the time and effort required by the business IT department and BITĖ’s customer service to configure, manage and support the service.


“Phone calls constitute an essential and integral component of all commercial operations. Up until now, managing these calls and providing full access to PBX functionality using mobile devices was challenging, with the only real option being the combination of VoIP and special apps installed on smartphones. This VoIP option is unsuitable for our demanding business subscribers due to reliability issues with voice quality, and the management overhead required to support the end-user apps. Therefore, we made a strategic decision to redefine and demand a new architecture from our vendors, and deliver this smart solution for call management to our business customers using the BITĖ core mobile voice network,” commented the Head of Business Segment for BITĖ, Aurimas Kapočius.


The call management system was built on DIDWW’s cloud-based PBX platform called™, which is highly flexible and provides a unique, user-friendly management interface.


“™ was specifically designed as a powerful platform that could be used by operators to provide advanced voice services to their customers,” said Lina Zaboras, the CEO of DIDWW. “We are proud that BITĖ, an innovative mobile operator in Lithuania and Latvia, has selected our platform and supported our vision of delivering high quality services and a seamless user experience. We are confident that this product will provide BITĖ and their many subscribers with a significant business advantage.”


“We are excited to have BITĖ on board with, as this is our first integration with a mobile operator,” commented Alex Rožanski, the CEO of UniQue™ Software, an official distributor of the platform for DIDWW. “This partnership with BITĖ is a valuable experience for us and provides an excellent showcase for other operators, helping us to deliver our advanced voice services into additional markets.”


The monthly subscription rate for BITĖ’s Smart call management service is being priced at 5 EUR per SIM card, with no set up fees and the first month being free of charge. The plan includes a full set of features, providing the customer with unlimited call flow scenario options.  


BITĖ’s new smart call management service, unlike most of the traditional PBX solutions, eliminates the costs of landlines and the hardware at the customers’ premisses,” continued Kapočius. “From now on, any beauty salon, restaurant or even a larger enterprise will be able to stay connected with their customers and facilitate communications between employees using standard mobile phones, while all the advanced functionality such as voice menus, call queuing or call recording are performed on the network level, providing virtually unlimited scalability and superior availability. The simplicity and convenience of use was the key factor when choosing a platform for our smart call management solution. With™, call flow scenarios can be easily managed via a simple-to-use online user interface available on BITĖ’s website. Our customers, many of whom have no communications expertise, are able to configure the service according to their own needs by simply dragging blocks and connecting them with virtual cables, similar to playing a video game. We are extremely satisfied working together with the professional team at DIDWW, and we hope to keep innovating and expand the functionality of the platform into the future.”

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