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Telia and Ericsson roll out Sweden’s first 5G network

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The Nordic telecom companies Telia and Ericsson have made important progress towards implementing 5G innovations for commercial use across Sweden in 2020, by launching their 5G development platform at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.  Their hopes are for the network to play a vital role in developing innovative new solutions and services. The KTH campus was chosen as the host venue due to the research such as remote VR, Internet of Things (IoT) and industry automation being conducted at that facility.


Professor Jan Gulliksen, the Vice President for Digitalization at KTH, appreciates this amazing opportunity “to have access to Sweden’s first 5G network here on campus.” He claims that it “gives our researchers, teachers and students a head start when it comes to understanding and developing this new technology ahead of its wider launch. This is exactly the kind of partnership we believe helps stimulate research-driven innovation.”


“Two years ago, we promised to bring 5G to Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm during 2018. In light of this, I’m especially proud of launching the first 5G network in Sweden at KTH today. This is going to be a truly dynamic test environment where not only large businesses and entrepreneurs from our partnership program, but also researchers and students, can continue to develop solutions for the connected society so that Sweden can remain at the forefront when 5G is launched commercially in 2020,” said Johan Dennelind, president and CEO of Telia Company.


Börje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson, stated, “This is the first 5G network in Sweden using commercial and standardized radio and core products. This project serves as an important step toward launching early commercial 5G services. Building a 5G network in one of Sweden’s most creative environments, the KTH campus, demonstrates Ericsson’s and Telia Company’s joint commitment to drive innovation.”


The cooperation between Ericsson, Telia and KTH is part of the Digital Demo Stockholm initiative that promotes improvements for smarter cities by delivering cutting-edge digital solutions.

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