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Ufinet buys Netell Telecom to expand its services in Latin America

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Ufinet, one of the leading international telecom operators in Latin America and a provider of fibre infrastructure and transmission services, has acquired a majority stake in the Brazilian wholesale carrier Netell Telecom, which offers connectivity services to local and international enterprises, network operators and service providers. With Netell’s network coverage in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo and a broader regional reach, Ufinet will be able to better serve its global customers in Latin America.


Inigo Garcia del Cerro Prieto, Chief Executive Office of Ufinet Telecom, said, “This transaction represents an important milestone for our group. Netell has always delivered an impressive service, with great human resources and long experience in the market, which makes it a perfect match for us. This will definitely leverage our growth in Latin America.”


The companies signed the agreement during the International Telecommunications Week (ITW), thus allowing Ufinet to enter the Brazilian market, which is considered one of the most important in Latin America. Moreover, Ufinet said it aims to both develop and expand the partner’s network in order to provide a range of wholesale services to global customers.


Stefano Lorenzi, Ufinet’s Executive Chairman, said, “We believe this is a very important step both for us and our customers. Ufinet will leverage and expand Netell’s network to offer our global clients a suite of wholesale services of unparalleled quality and capillarity in Brazil, continuing the relentless growth of Ufinet’s business in the Latin America Region.”


“Ufinet is a great operator and has a very clear strategy for growth. I am sure we will make a great team and the combined company will further expand,” added Wagner Rapchan, President and owner of Netell Telecom.

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