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Altran opens US-based networking center for cutting-edge 5G services

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Global engineering and R&D services company Altran Technologies, SA, mainly operating in the fields of high technology and innovation consultancy, has announced a new advanced networking center in the United States to support customers seeking to accelerate their 5G transition and virtualization deployments. The opening of the company’s new office in Manhattan will involve the hiring of additional experts in the field of 5G and related technologies, as well as the development of new software platforms that will help deliver leading-edge products and services.


Pascal Brier, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Technology and Innovation at Altran, said, “The rollout of 5G is a game changer requiring robust, cost-effective software frameworks and platforms to power the next generation of wireless solutions for IoT, mixed-reality and autonomous vehicle applications. Altran is uniquely positioned to provide the necessary consulting and integration services, and this investment will ensure we remain at the absolute leading edge.”


Altran’s new North American initiative will add to the company’s expertise in communications and networking, which it expanded through the 2018 acquisition of California-based Aricent, a design and engineering services firm. Furthermore, the new networking center will provide consulting and integration services for communications service providers (CSPs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) to develop “next-gen communications solutions with clear business cases, design-focused journey maps and best-of-breed products and services.”


“By partnering with us, NEPs, CSPs and companies from all industries will be better prepared to tackle the challenges created by virtualized environments and drive the next wave of communications-enabled digital transformation,” said Pascal Brier.


It is stated that the new US-based center will offer services in 5G, network virtualization, native cloud network development and open source integration. In addition, Altran will highlight their ability to provide business case development services, focusing on use cases and business requirements, IoT solutions for data aggregation, rationalization and enterprise application enablement, and end-to-end enterprise integration, involving intelligent workflow design, application integration, deployment and operations.

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