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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #30

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Vyopta Introduces Support for Microsoft Teams

On Tuesday, Vyopta, a provider of Unified Communications (UC) monitoring and analytics solutions, announced the release of their comprehensive support for Microsoft’s cloud-based UC products including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft Teams and Surface Hub. Vyopta is one of the first companies to provide monitoring and analysis services to Microsoft Teams, helping to speed up the deployment of the Microsoft Teams software, simplify troubleshooting and reporting, and improving the service quality of Microsoft’s voice and video calling experience. In the near future, Vyopta will continue to expand its monitoring capabilities, including more advanced and proactive Microsoft Teams alerts.


Telecom Argentina hit by a major ransomware attack

One of Argentina‘s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has suffered a serious ransomware attack. The cybercriminals who carried out the attack, demanded $7.5 million in Monero cryptocurrency from the ISP to regain access to the encrypted files, but the company claims to have restored access to its systems without paying. It seems that the attack did not damage the company’s services significantly – the Internet connection was not affected nor was the provision of land lines or other services disturbed. However, systems providing remote customer service were impacted to some degree, as the attack affected over 18,000 workstations.


8×8 launches globally expanded Open Channel Program

8×8 has launched an Open Channel Program that serves to combine all their existing channel efforts in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America into one enhanced partner program. The program offers agents and value-added resellers new performance-based tiers, and an authorized level that will allow partners to integrate into the program faster. The Open Channel Program provides partners with enhanced marketing benefits, expanded tools and resources to grow and manage their business as well as increase speed to market, all with the goal of  meeting sales targets and maximizing the rate of compensation.


HPE unveils 5G test lab for Telecom enterprises

On Thursday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the opening of the HPE 5G Lab. Telecom providers can accelerate 5G adoption by gaining firsthand experience with the latest 5G innovations under live test conditions using the HPE 5G Lab. The lab is remotely accessible to Telcos worldwide, even though it is situated in Fort Collins, Colorado. Its goal is to help Telcos bring innovation to the previously inflexible core of the cellular network and develop 5G services. HPE emphasizes that the 5G standards are developed in a way that enables Telcos to build 5G networks with open cloud platforms using modular software and hardware components from different suppliers.


Department of Telecom issues a new order for Telcos

The Department of Telecom (DoT) in India issued an order on July 20, announcing that telecommunications operators will be required to provide grid references of wholesale subscribers during physical identification in order to proceed with new connections. In addition, companies will have to provide law enforcement agencies with information about point of sales codes. In the Consumer Application Form (CAF) provided by telecom operators, the DoT found nonsense entries and asked the operators to remove or correct such irregularities in existing CAFs gathered using “Know your Client” processes. The DoT stated that the requirements must be implemented within three months of the date of issue of these instructions.


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