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Telnyx’s platform aimed for nonprofits

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Telnyx, a next-generation communications platform providing operator-level services over a global, private IP network, has created a company’s social impact group, The platform is aimed at non-profit organizations, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.


The Impact Initiative offers a $500 social impact credit that can be used on the Telnyx platform. Other benefits include discounts on the Telnyx platform and access to a global customer support team available 24/7 every day of the year. Organizations (or equivalent non-profit organizations exempt from tax) as defined in Article 501 (c) (3), B-Corp or social enterprises committed to using this service for positive social change, are eligible for the Impact Initiative.


In addition to the $500 social impact credit, Impact Initiative participants will receive a discount on access to cloud communications, including voice, SMS, networking and wireless services, through the Telnyx Mission Control Portal and API. With the Mission Control portal, users can get phone numbers, create an omnichannel experience, configure connections and monitor usage in real time.


The goal of the Impact Initiative is to encourage organizations to connect with their volunteers, audiences and supporters to develop advanced, personalized communication solutions.


David Casem, CEO of Telnyx, commented: “Recent weeks and months have demonstrated the power of technology to shine a light on pressing social issues like injustice and inequality. With, we want our technology to serve as an invaluable tool for those determined to make the world a better place. We’ve established the Impact Initiative to empower non-profits to meet their communication needs and drive change. We can’t wait to see what the nonprofit and social entrepreneur communities build next.”


Eligible organizations can submit an application for the initiative using the online application form. Once approved, organizations will receive a $500 credit, and they can sign up on the Mission Control Portal to use the Developer Center for voice, SMS, network or wireless services.