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SK Telecom to work on AI solution for video analysis

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SK Telecom, the top mobile operator in South Korea, has teamed up with its security subsidiary ADT Caps Co. and local video management solutions company Innodep Inc. to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to meet the growing demand for efficient and advanced video analysis services.


Under the agreement, the trio will develop services to effectively manage video surveillance systems in the private and public sectors of the growing local market. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to create real-time security services for the public and industry, while addressing existing defects in the video analysis systems, such as false alarms.


As the deployment of CCTV in the public and private sectors is expanding rather swiftly to enhance safety and security, SKT said the solution will increase cost-effectiveness and accuracy by optimizing its AI chip and algorithms. This solution will be linked to Innodep’s intelligent management platform and ADT Caps’ convergence security service.


The pandemic appears to have accelerated SK Telecom’s interest in AI solutions. The mobile operator has recently stepped up its focus on artificial intelligence services and released wireless headsets running on its smart grid earlier this week.


Last year, the company released a semiconductor focused primarily on supporting AI solutions. Back in May, the operator announced it would use an artificial intelligence voice service called Nugu to screen quarantined citizens, ask them questions, and collect data that could then be passed on to healthcare professionals. By doing this, the company hoped to help reduce the burden faced by the country’s healthcare system.


SKT, ADT Caps and Innodep have already worked together since March 2020. At that time, they joined forces to develop 5G drone solutions that can be adapted for safety, disaster recovery, public infrastructure monitoring, atmospheric environment measurement and 3D surveying.