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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #15

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Vodafone launches standalone 5G services in Germany

Vodafone has announced the launch of its standalone 5G services in Germany. Vodafone Germany, working with Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Oppo, has upgraded around 1000 mobile sites in the 3.5 GHz range, switching them to an independent 5G core network that no longer relies on 4G. Vodafone claims that “latency times of 10 to 15 milliseconds are possible – that’s as fast as the human nervous system.” This initiative will deliver the SA 5G experience to 170 cities and municipalities, including major cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf.

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Nokia to supply China Mobile with software-defined networking technology

Nokia gained a major cloud win when China Mobile chose the vendor to supply software-defined network (SDN) technology for its public cloud service expansion. As part of  the transaction, Nokia will provide its Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services, that include an SDN controller and gateway, a software switch, a firewall, a load balancer and a VPN. This technology will enable the connection of virtual private clouds located in different data centers, which will help bring applications closer to end users. In addition, this architecture will provide an  automated interconnection of data centers and a bare-metal-as-a-service to support non-virtualized workloads or those who require physical equipment. 

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Swisscom turns off its 2G network

Following the introduction of 2G in 1993, Swisscom has announced that it has shut down this network. The company removed the last network devices at the start of 2021 and the network shutdown itself took place in mid-April. The operator first started warning its customers that it aims to shut down 2G services back in 2015, in order to switch customers to 4G devices. The spectrum previously used for 2G services will be used to reinforce the company’s 4G and 5G services, including the delivery of phone calls.

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Ooma Continuous Voice™ now available for all Connect customers

The communications platform Ooma has announced that Continuous Voice ™, a patented technology that automatically ensures the continuity of business phone calls, is now available to all Ooma Connect customers at no additional costs. Continuous Voice provides automatic backup of voice calls made through the Ooma Connect base station. When the service is turned on using a virtual switch in the Ooma Connect mobile app for iOS or Android, all Ooma Office phone calls are routed simultaneously over two links – an organization’s primary broadband connection and wireless connection provided by Connect.

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Regulators approve O2 and Virgin Media deal

The UK competition authority has approved the merger between O2, a mobile operator, and Virgin Media, a fixed player, without any attached conditions. With this decision, the regulator has rejected any concerns that the merger would have a negative impact on the wholesale communications market. In a statement, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) stated that an in-depth investigation had concluded that the merger between the businesses was unlikely to have a harmful effect on fixed or mobile wholesale markets, given the size of the competitors. Telefonica and Liberty Global announced the proposed deal back in May of 2020. 

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