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Microsoft’s Teams app under investigation after Slack’s complaint

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The ongoing rivalry between Microsoft and Slack has intensified after the latest complaint filed by Slack Technologies against Microsoft regarding the integration of the Teams app with their ubiquitous Office suite. According to Slack, such bundled products allow companies to gain an unfair advantage over other collaboration tool providers.


Following the complaint, the EU antitrust commission has issued a questionnaire for Microsoft competitors (seen by Reuters) asking if the Teams app integration with the Microsoft Office product gives the software giant greater clout. The rival companies have been asked to provide information about their customers who have switched to Teams or the bundled Microsoft Office, along with the percentage of revenue that has been lost as a result. 


While it is obvious that the EU commission aims to assess the impact that such integrations have on the products and investments of the workplace collaboration tool providers, it remains unclear whether this investigation will result in any measures against Microsoft for integrating their Teams app with Office.

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