News Roundup

A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #50

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Ericsson releases 10 Hot Consumer Trends report

Ericsson’s ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends study, which addresses early adopter perspectives and aspirations up to 2030, has been released. The report discusses hybrid retail experiences at the fictitious ‘Everyspace Plaza’ mall, where consumers examined 15 hybrid shopping mall facilities meant to expand the conventional experience via the use of digital technologies. According to Ericsson, the ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends study represents the expectations and forecasts of over 57 million early technology users worldwide.

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Vodafone to auction a unique NFT 

Vodafone will sell an NFT of the world’s first ever SMS text message, “Merry Christmas,” which was transmitted on the Vodafone network in December, 1992. The exclusive NFT ensures ownership of a one-of-a-kind, exact reproduction of the original communication protocol used to send the first-ever text message. All profits from the auction will be donated to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to help the 82.4 million individuals who have been forced to escape their homes due to violence and persecution.

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Dashlane names worst passwords of 2021

Dashlane has released its sixth annual list of 2021’s Worst Password Offenders to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the computer password. The Worst Password Offenders list serves as a yearly reminder of how simple it is to make an error of judgement, even when we believe we are safe. According to this research, both enterprises and users should improve their security awareness and capabilities in order to better monitor fraudulent activity, avert breaches, and prevent their credentials from being leaked or stolen. It is noted that weak, reused or stolen employee passwords cause 80% of breaches.

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Internet Hall of Fame announces 21 inductees

The Internet Hall of Fame has released the names of 21 honorees from 11 nations who have made significant contributions to the worldwide expansion, reach, security and scope of the Internet. The Internet Hall of Fame honors individuals from across the world who have played a significant role in the creation, construction and growth of the global Internet, as well as those who have made critical, behind-the-scenes contributions. This year’s inductees were instrumental in the design, construction, operation and growth of the early networks, as well as in advancing and expanding such networks in areas throughout the world.

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Vodafone and Mavenir test a call over containerized Open RAN

Vodafone and Mavenir have conducted the first data and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call in a test setting using containerized 4G small cell Open RAN technology. The tests are the next step towards offering an open and vendor-independent 4G connection solution for small to medium-sized business premises. Containerization refers to the ability of software to be transported smoothly between equipment, platforms and applications. Customers benefit from  improved flexibility as a result of containerization, as well as gaining considerable advantages in terms of deployment times and costs.

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