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Telefónica and Grupo Álava to offer a predictive maintenance solution

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Telefónica Tech and Grupo Álava have announced a collaboration to work on a predictive maintenance solution. This partnership will provide industrial companies with an advanced data platform that will allow them to optimize their operations by anticipating potential faults or defects in machinery through a predictive maintenance plan.


The solution will contribute not only to improving the sector’s safety, efficiency and competitiveness, but also to ensuring its long-term viability by eliminating many of the expenses needed for unplanned repairs.


The technology will enable industrial organizations to digitize their maintenance procedures through mass wireless and/or conventional sensing of all assets in the manufacturing chain. Simple and widespread sensorization and monitoring of assets in these operations is a critical stage in an industrial organizations’ digital transformation.


Sensors connected to Telefónica Tech’s LTE and 5G mobile networks will collect data, which will be saved and analyzed using Industrial Edge Computing technology. The data will be accessible through a portal, from which operators can obtain artificial intelligence-based recommendations for better managing the health of manufacturing process gear, prolonging its usable life and lowering maintenance expenses.


Andrés Escribano, Director of New Business and Industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech, said: “The agreement with Grupo Álava will allow us to extend and massify our predictive maintenance capabilities and help all companies in the industrial sector to avoid long downtime and reduce costs thanks to 5G, IoT, Edge Computing and Big Data technologies. Digital transformation plays a key role in the development of a more sustainable and resilient industrial activity”.


Yago Sanchez, Director of Alliances at Grupo Álava, added: “The combination of 5G technologies and predictive technology allows different industries to take a giant step forward in the digitisation of industrial processes. Thanks to this agreement, the market has a unique solution that improves the productivity and profitability of its business.”