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CallRevu announces an integration with GoTo Connect

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GoTo Connect, a unified communication solutions provider that delivers configurable, scalable, all-in-one cloud phone and meeting systems with everything companies need to connect from anywhere, has teamed up with CallRevu, an industry leader in automobile call monitoring and analytics.


CallRevu can now gather high-quality call data and precise telephony information through its interface with GoTo Connect, allowing for better conversational analysis. These advanced call analytics provide a deeper understanding of the customer’s interaction with the dealer, which is a highly useful strategic resource.


The CallRevu and GoTo Connect integration offers retailers access to their phone systems from any device, allowing them to manage their phone systems digitally and deliver a consistent user experience. The digital phone solution gives dealerships more control over phone management and improved accessibility.


Jack Holcomb, General Manager, New Smryna Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep Dodge, commented: “Since moving to CallRevu and GTC, we have witnessed greater insights and more actionable data so that we can improve the Caller Journey. Better yet, it doesn’t matter where our employees are located – at the dealership, home or anywhere – CallRevu and GTC’s solution work in harmony to help us maximize every opportunity and never miss a call.  From reception to sales, it is all stitched together providing the metadata that is invaluable. We can now use analytics to review call quality, enhance training (when needed), and provide a better customer experience overall.”


“We all remember the old telephone game, lost in translation. With GTC, we can bridge the gaps and provide a truly unified experience backed by deeper, rich insights that enable us to transform and optimize processes. Together, we can deliver enhanced insights, and make sure dealers are actioning every call for better outcomes and customer communications! This is all part of our vision and commitment to continuous innovation that provide automotive dealerships with solutions that drive ROI and customer experience,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO, CallRevu.

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