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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #16

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Nokia to deliver additional networking scale and capacity to Microsoft

Nokia’s 7250 IXR chassis-based interconnect routers have been selected to serve high-density 400GE applications in Microsoft’s tier-2 network architecture. Nokia will also provide fixed-form-factor platforms for Microsoft’s alternative network applications. The agreement strengthens the two companies’’ long-standing partnership, which has focused on bringing massively scalable, flexible and highly robust networking to the data center. The firms previously collaborated as part of the open-source SONiC effort to develop chassis-based solutions tailored to the needs of high-capacity data centers.

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NICE partners with Deutsche Telekom Global Business

NICE has partnered with Deutsche Telekom Global Business, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom that provides telecommunications and connectivity solutions to organizations across all verticals, including the public sector. As part of this agreement, Deutsche Telekom Global Business will use the NICE CXone CCaaS platform and associated apps in various communications initiatives that it creates. This relationship includes Conversational AI and Chatbots that provide more natural, personalized help, as well as Workforce and Quality Management solutions.

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NASA and SATCOM consider space communications

NASA is looking into the possibility of using commercial SATCOM networks for near-Earth missions. By leveraging this technology, NASA would be able to devote more time and money to deep space exploration and scientific missions. A budget of $278.5 million has been allocated to the Communications Services Project (CSP) by the agency. During the five-year research and demonstration phase, NASA wants each enterprise to meet or surpass the agency’s contributions.

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Apple increases the use of recycled metals

Apple has announced a slew of green measures, including a push to incorporate more recycled materials in its products. In 2021, recycled materials made up about 20% of all materials used in Apple products, which is the highest percentage in the history of the company. Within the enclosure of certain products, there is 100 % recycled material. Since 2015, Apple has decreased the quantity of plastic used in packaging by 75%. Along with boosting the usage of recycled materials in new gadgets, Apple has also identified the benefits of employing cutting-edge gear that can recycle outdated materials.

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Samsung removes the letter Z from its foldable phones

Samsung is increasing its customer service in Ukraine, indicating that it is eager to share the hardships that Ukrainian consumers are experiencing as a result of the Russian invasion. On April 16, the Ukraine office of the Korean tech giant announced that it will provide remote customer assistance for clients who need to repair their mobile devices. Also, in several European nations such as Ukraine, Estonia, Latviaand Lithuania, Samsung has removed the letter Z from their foldable phones because this letter is being used as a symbol of the Russian army.

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