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Truecaller releases an upgraded iPhone app

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Global communications platform provider Truecaller has released a completely updated version of its iPhone app for users all around the world. This iOS software has been entirely reworked from scratch to be faster and more effective, and deliver substantially improved number identification, spam, scam and business call detection than earlier versions of the program. 


This latest advancement is the result of an entirely new architecture that combines Truecaller’s cutting-edge spam detection algorithms with Apple’s existing technologies to provide the best caller ID solution. The updated program connects with Apple’s default phone app to display Truecaller results directly in the call log. 


Truecaller has created the most up-to-date, precise and comprehensive first ring caller ID and spam detection for any region, and the company ensures this leading position by continuously upgrading its spam database. The app also contains a significant redesign and a new user experience flow, which greatly speeds up initial onboarding and day-to-day app usage. 


In the near future, the company will roll out upgrades to substantially enhance SMS filtering, spam detection and community-based services. These updates will also feature a newly designed number look-up widget that will make it much easier to review unfamiliar callers. Along with automated banning of the most prolific spammers, the iPhone app will also have access to extensive information on spam-tagged numbers, and the option to examine and comment on those numbers for additional context. 


Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, commented on the new launch: “We’ve been innovating within Apple’s platform to bring users more powerful features like Call Alerts and a convenient search extension. Our new totally rewritten iPhone-app is now on par with our Android-app when it comes to identifying spam & verified business calls. This update has been a long time coming for many iPhone users which today account for approximately 5% of our more than 320 million Monthly Active Users. Now we can offer them and new iPhone users the best performing identifier of spam and scam to help them separate the noise from the communication they want to respond to.”

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