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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #37

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FCC to tackle space debris problem

New regulations have been proposed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to address the escalating space debris issue. The regulatory body hopes to cut the 25-year period when low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites are permitted to linger in space after their mission ends to no more than five years. The probability of this space debris colliding with something important such as a working satellite would be reduced if this unused equipment were to be deorbited sooner.

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TalkTalk establishes two new wholesale divisions

TalkTalk has revealed the launch of two new wholesale businesses. The first focuses on business-to-business wholesale services, while the second focuses on the consumer market sector. The Business Wholesale Services segment will provide resellers, aggregators and system integrators with premium and high bandwidth services. Meanwhile, the company’s nearly one million home clients will be served by the Consumer Wholesale Services division.

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Google’s appeal in the EC’s Android lawsuit denied

Google’s attempt to get a fine issued by the European Commission revoked has been unsuccessful. The European General Court found that the European Commission was correct to conclude that Google had misused its dominating position, but only slightly lowered the sentence imposed from €4.3 billion to €4.1 billion. Google has two months and ten days to file an appeal with the European Court of Justice against the ruling. Google has so far been unable to have two of three EC fines totaling more than €8 billion annulled.

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Twitter’s shareholders support Musk’s takeover

Shareholders of Twitter have decided to support Elon Musk’s planned $44 billion takeover. The approval of this deal means that Twitter and Musk will face a trial in the Delaware Court of Chancery in October. Musk intends to argue that Twitter withheld critical information regarding its internal operations, such as an alleged undercount of spam and bot accounts on the platform. Twitter will nevertheless press forward with the transaction, claiming that Musk’s objections are just an excuse for bailing out of the deal.

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Oracle Enterprise Communications now supported by Vyopta

Vyopta now supports Oracle Enterprise Communications products. This suite features new integrations with Oracle Acme Packet (AP) Platforms and Oracle Enterprise Operations Monitor. Oracle SBC support allows users to more effectively resolve call problems for Microsoft Teams direct routing and the larger voice environments, assisting enterprises in better managing quality, dependability and performance throughout their entire communications environment.

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