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Gain competitive advantage with Cloud Phone System from ULTATEL

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If you want a phone system that is both adaptable and simple to use, look no further than ULTATEL. ULTATEL’s cloud-based phone system unifies multiple systems into one, making it simple for clients to communicate with their team members and customers.


When you’re growing your business, you need to be able to communicate with employees and clients in a way that is efficient and effective. For businesses wishing to consolidate and streamline their essential communications across many locations and devices, ULTATEL provides a flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based phone system solution. 


The ULTATEL phone system grows with the customer, making it effortlessly scalable. All of this may be accomplished simply and rapidly,y thanks to a user-friendly management interface. Clients may interact and exchange information through a variety of channels, including text, video, phone and chat. ULTATEL’s cloud service also includes a toll-free number at no extra cost.


Businesses no longer need to invest in expensive and complex infrastructure or technology to engage with their customers in real-time across multiple channels. ULTATEL is ideal for companies of all sizes wishing to unify their communications, cut expenses and enable remote work. Unlimited voice, SMS, fax, chat, and video are included in all ULTATEL plans. Moreover, ULTATEL can integrate with your current systems to deliver the best business outcomes.


The hosted PBX by ULTATEL includes functions such as auto attendant, advanced call handling, call recording and monitoring, reporting and analytics. Both online faxing and video conferencing are supported as well.


The benefits of using ULTATEL Cloud Phone System:

  •         Unified communications
  •         Easily scalable to adapt to your business growth
  •         Intuitive user interface that makes adding features easy
  •         Integration with over 40 3rd party applications
  •         Video conferencing for up to 100 participants
  •         24/7 technical support
  •         Free number porting

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