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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #41

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DT to reduce energy use in Germany by 10%

Deutsche Telekom has announced its latest environmental goals, including a commitment to cut energy use in its home market by at least 10% by 2024. The company intends to achieve this by retiring outdated systems, such as the PSTN, and transitioning to more efficient technologies, such as 5G mobile. In addition, DT intends to double its energy efficiency improvements by the same target date.

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Exoprise announces its latest Service Watch release

The most recent Service Watch version from Exoprise gives business IT and UC teams the ability to examine the complete network route for every UC application for each user on each network. Businesses of all sizes may effectively adapt to an expanding UCaaS market with Service Watch DEM with RUM + Robots, thanks to the enhanced scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency. No matter the location, network or device, Exoprise UCaaS and VoIP innovations put employees at the core of the digital experience.

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TextUs completes integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft’s portfolio of intelligent business apps now includes TextUs’ top text messaging platform, according to the company’s announcement of the completion of its integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Teams in sales and customer care may send and receive two-way, real-time text messages thanks to this integration. SMS functions as a seamless extension of existing corporate systems, since text exchanges are tracked back into Microsoft Dynamics. Conversational texting, rich texting capabilities, contact import and conversation logging are among the key features offered.

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3CLogic announces its latest integration with SAP

3CLogic, a provider of cloud contact center solutions for CRMs and customer service management systems, has announced their most recent integration with SAP’s new intelligent Service Cloud. The announcement comes as 3CLogic maintains its global success in providing comprehensive multi-channel products for ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. This advancement occurs at a time when the majority of customers demand businesses and their agents have access to all account and inquiry information across marketing, sales and service divisions, regardless of the interaction channel used. This integration will be available in November 2022.

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Sinch adds KakaoTalk to its Conversation API

The KakaoTalk channel will now be a part of the Sinch Conversation API. As a result of the introduction of this new channel in the Conversation API, businesses from all over the world may now effortlessly interact with customers on KakaoTalk. With this latest addition, Sinch expands the number of channels via which businesses may communicate with their consumers. KakaoTalk offers an excellent platform for marketing, sales consultations and customer support due to  its 53.3 million monthly active users and high open rates and click-through rates.

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