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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #16

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Messaging apps urge UK government to rethink online safety bill

The heads of messaging apps including WhatsApp and Signal have written an open letter urging the UK government to reconsider its proposed internet law. The Online Safety Bill, which is presently being debated in the House of Lords, would provide the government with broad powers of censorship over all digital speech and information. The letter says that the measure might damage end-to-end encryption, allow indiscriminate monitoring, and fundamentally destroy communication security. The top executives of the firms say that there can be no “British internet,” and that the measure should be revised to encourage more privacy and security.

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AT&T to be the exclusive mobile carrier for US MVNOs

The US National Content & Technology Cooperative (NCTC) has signed a deal with AT&T making it the exclusive mobile carrier for almost 700 small and mid-sized independent cable operators. The agreement, which allows members to offer mobile services without establishing their own mobile networks, was chosen because of AT&T‘s current network availability and performance. The first members are anticipated to launch their mobile solutions as early as June. According to NCTC, members will be able to pick pre-determined rate plans or price their own products and bundle mobile and broadband options.

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Fujitsu launches new AI platform to accelerate AI testing and deployment

Fujitsu has announced the launch of its new AI platform, “Fujitsu Kozuchi,” which gives business users across numerous sectors access to a variety of AI and machine learning capabilities. Fujitsu AutoML for automated machine learning models, Fujitsu AI Ethics for assessing AI model fairness, and Fujitsu AI for causal discovery and broad learning are all part of the platform. It also provides consumers with expedited access to open-source software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies from partner companies. Fujitsu plans to provide new AI technologies from the R&D stage through the platform, which will be available globally on April 20, 2023.

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Windstream Enterprise adds Talkdesk-powered CCaaS solution to its portfolio

Windstream Enterprise has added a Talkdesk-powered contact center as a service (CCaaS) to its CCS portfolio. The AI-powered technology improves agent efficiency while providing organizations with multi-channel client experiences. Management technologies such as interaction analytics, CX sensors, and QM Assist, which leverage AI and machine learning to deliver insights, are also included in the CCaaS package. Over 70 industry apps, including CRMs, ticketing platforms, and other auxiliary CCaaS products, are integrated into the solution. Talkdesk’s customized CX Cloud solution streamlines the contact center environment from start to finish.

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Sofy launches AI-powered mobile app testing solution SofySense

Sofy, a software testing platform, has developed SofySense, a mobile app testing solution that uses AI and no-code automation. Sofybot, the platform’s intelligent generative AI chatbot, provides accurate replies to test inquiries, decreasing the time required to generate test cases and analyze results. SofySense seeks to simplify software testing for developers, allowing them to focus on more significant activities. The platform makes use of OpenAI’s large language models to deliver advanced insights, analysis, and help for an organization’s quality assurance needs. Sofy says that SofySense can reduce product launch times by 95%.

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