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Beanfield Partners with Ribbon Communications to Boost MS Teams Phone Integration with Operator Connect

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Ribbon Communications Inc., a leading global provider of real-time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions, has made a significant announcement regarding its collaboration with Beanfield, a major player in the Canadian telecommunications industry. Ribbon revealed that Beanfield is leveraging its cutting-edge solution, Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect, to enhance and streamline the deployment of Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, a move aimed at modernizing and fortifying their networks.

The increasing adoption of hybrid work models has prompted business customers to seek telecom services that complement their collaboration solutions. Recognizing this trend, Beanfield is embracing Ribbon’s turnkey digital engagement model to swiftly deliver telecom services for Microsoft Teams Phone through the utilization of Microsoft’s Operator Connect solution. With this strategic partnership, Beanfield positions itself as one of the select few providers in Canada capable of offering services via Operator Connect, empowering their customers with this innovative capability.

Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect operates as an As-a-Service (aaS) solution, providing service providers with a user-friendly portal-based administration toolkit. These tools serve to simplify the sales, provisioning, and billing of telecom services, easing the transition from traditional telephony services to Microsoft Teams Phone for businesses. One of the most significant advantages of the Ribbon Connect solution is its ability to drastically reduce integration efforts typically required for enabling Operator Connect. The package includes pre-assembled API integration, sales enablement, and a multi-tier portal, streamlining the adoption process for service providers.

Notably, the Ribbon Connect portfolio is built on the foundation of Ribbon’s renowned carrier-grade security products and services, which have already earned the trust of many of the world’s largest telecom networks. This level of security is crucial as businesses seek reliable and robust communication solutions.

Dave Shier, Ribbon’s VP of Sales in Canada, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Beanfield and the potential benefits it brings to their end customers. Shier emphasized that Ribbon Connect will facilitate the integration of modern calling experiences, enhancing the overall communication capabilities offered by Teams Phone.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, service providers like Beanfield are actively pursuing advanced options to meet the growing demand for seamless and efficient communication solutions. This collaboration between Ribbon and Beanfield not only cements Beanfield’s reputation as an innovative telecom provider in Canada but also reinforces Ribbon’s position as a leading facilitator of state-of-the-art communication technologies. With Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect, businesses can expect a smoother transition into the world of Microsoft Teams Phone, enjoying enhanced communication experiences and improved productivity in the modern workplace.

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