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Spectrum Enterprise Empowers Wisconsin’s Digital Transformation

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Spectrum Enterprise, a division of Charter Communications, Inc., has recently inked a multi-year contract with the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration. The agreement will grant state agencies, municipalities, and educational institutions access to Spectrum Enterprise’s diverse portfolio of network, internet connectivity, and cybersecurity solutions. This move aims to streamline technology services procurement, fostering connectivity among employees and citizens and ensuring seamless digital operations.

The comprehensive range of Spectrum Enterprise solutions offered under this state contract presents numerous benefits for participating organizations. With managed services at their disposal, these entities can modernize their network infrastructure, achieve cost reductions, and optimize their overall operations while reinforcing their cybersecurity defenses.

The State of Wisconsin VendorNet platform now hosts the company’s complete suite of services, including Ethernet, DDoS protection, Managed Router, switches, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications voice services, Fiber Connect Plus, SpectrumU, Set Back Box, Fiber Internet Access, Managed Network Edge, Enterprise Network Edge, as well as cameras and sensors.

Rajat Mukherji, Vice President of Vertical Markets at Spectrum Enterprise, expressed the importance of providing modernized and scalable technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of citizens, students, and employees in Wisconsin. He remarked, “As an approved state technology vendor, we can provide eligible Wisconsin organizations a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance their digital infrastructures.”

One of Spectrum Enterprise’s key advantages lies in its nationwide coverage with dedicated local account managers in Wisconsin. The company sets a high standard for its public sector service team, requiring them to undergo special training and certification as State and Local Government Market Professionals by the Center for Digital Government. Likewise, employees working with educational clients are encouraged to become certified as Education Market Professionals by the Center for Digital Education. Spectrum Enterprise’s commitment to additional training demonstrates its dedication to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities faced by state and local governments and educational institutions.

Overall, the collaboration between Spectrum Enterprise and Wisconsin’s public sector showcases a promising step forward in enabling modernized technology solutions to serve citizens, students, and employees efficiently and securely.

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