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T-Mobile’s Record Q2: Good Growth amidst Revenue Dip

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The Q2 financial results of the US based telecom operator, T-Mobile paints quite a fruitful picture. Not only did they manage to acquire an impressive 760,000 additional postpaid phone customers, but the telecommunications bigwig also lured in 509,000 Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) home Internet customers. This achievement now holds the rank of their best Q2 postpaid phone net additions in eight years.

According to these Q2 results, T-Mobile US reports a 2.8% YoY service revenue hike that now stands at $15.7 billion, with postpaid revenue witnessing a surge of 5.5%, totaling $12.1 billion. Despite these rises, there’s a slight hiccup, as the overall revenue unfortunately took a dip by 2.6%, falling to $19.2 billion. Meanwhile, the net income came to rest at $2.2 billion.

In their report, the company underscored an impressive record low in postpaid churn of 0.77%. With this strong performance, the operator has now raised its yearly expectations, aiming for between 5.6 and 5.9 million postpaid net customer additions.

As expressed by Mike Sievert, the CEO of T-Mobile, “If you were wondering how T-Mobile would perform if growth in our category moderated, I think you’ll find the answer in our latest results.” He further highlighted their achievement saying, “We’ve set audacious goals and delivered a durable and differentiated plan that is working just as we said it would. Fuelled by our unique growth opportunities, the momentum of our latest Un-carrier moves, and an unquenchable desire to be the very best at delivering for customers, we are the one to watch — with no plans to slow down.”

A more recent evaluation by mobile analytics company, Opensignal, only adds feathers to T-Mobile’s cap. The report revealed that T-Mobile holds the title for the fastest download speeds in the US, in addition to being celebrated for the best 5G availability. Their recorded speed of 195.5 Mbps was twice as fast as Verizon and 2.4 times faster than AT&T. On the flip side, it’s essential to note that all three operators demonstrated an increase in their speeds compared to the previous year.

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, these various developments prove that T-Mobile is on an upward trajectory, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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