AppDirect and Vodafone Business Strengthen Partnership to Extend Global Reach

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AppDirect, a renowned B2B subscription commerce platform, has unveiled an expanded commercial collaboration with Vodafone Business, a prominent technology communications company focused on enhancing digital success and societal connectivity. This strategic alliance empowers AppDirect’s technology advisors to market Vodafone Business’ distinctive communication services within their network, opening doors to wider international markets for both entities.

Vodafone Business, a steadfast associate of AppDirect, presently relies on the platform to drive its 13 corporate-branded B2B marketplaces, a mechanism that has facilitated direct and partner sales across Europe. With this latest development, Vodafone Business broadens its influence to the North American market via the AppDirect procurement marketplace and its extensive network comprising 10,000 advisors.

For AppDirect advisors, this collaboration augments their capacity to address intricate business predicaments for clients. This includes establishing connections between multinational U.S. clients and various segments of Vodafone’s global network. The agreement is a boon for advisors, as it equips them to seize international prospects by furnishing Vodafone’s fixed, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions on a global scale.

David Joosten, President of Vodafone US, expressed, “AppDirect has been a trailblazing and dependable collaborator, infusing the Vodafone B2B marketplace with its resilient platform. With its channel-centric approach, technological prowess, and expansive advisor network, AppDirect is poised to fortify our market presence among multinational patrons.” He added, “Our partnership ensures advisors and their clientele can access the entire spectrum of Vodafone’s fixed, mobility, and IoT offerings for enterprises.”

As outlined in Forrester’s comprehensive report on Ecosystem Partner Selection, “To remain competitive in an evolving market landscape, suppliers must transcend traditional resale models and embrace an ecosystem partner model – a collaborative network of partners with complementary proficiencies, domain know-how, operational processes, and affiliations – working in unison to deliver customers coveted outcomes and an impeccably integrated experience.” The symbiotic association between AppDirect and Vodafone Business mirrors precisely that vision.

AppDirect advisors are also authorized to vend AppHelp services, a valuable addition facilitating the adoption of Vodafone Business solutions by customers. Through AppHelp, advisors can furnish customers with training and assistance, thus enabling them to extract greater value from their investments in Vodafone Business solutions.

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