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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #37

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Metazoa Unveils AI-Powered Salesforce Assistant

Metazoa, a frontrunner in Salesforce administrative tools, has introduced an Intelligent Assistant on the Salesforce AppExchange, representing a groundbreaking utilization of AI within the Salesforce ecosystem. The suite comprises Metadata Studio, a prompt engineering platform that blends AI with customer metadata, and Intelligent Search, an administrative thinking partner. These tools empower Metazoa users to virtually expand their administrative capabilities using artificial intelligence. Metadata Studio offers over 100 pre-made prompts while also enabling users to craft custom prompts, fostering AI utilization in accordance with best practices. The Intelligent Assistant responds to technical queries, making it an invaluable member of any admin team.

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HP Unveils Innovative $5,000 Spectre Fold. A Three-in-One Marvel

HP has unveiled the Spectre Fold, a remarkable three-in-one foldable device that serves as a laptop, tablet, and desktop. When closed, it resembles a compact 12″ laptop, but upon opening, the keyboard slides down to reveal a secondary screen, creating a dual-monitor setup. Fully extended, it becomes a substantial 17″ tablet with a high-res OLED touchscreen. Additionally, it can be propped up to function as a desktop computer. Boasting impressive specs and a 12-hour battery life, this premium device comes with a $5,000 price tag, offering a convenient all-in-one solution for tech enthusiasts. Pre-orders are now available.

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Japan’s Blockchain AI Market Surges, Unlocking Promising Growth Opportunities

Japan’s blockchain AI market is soaring, with a projected 24.2% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. This growth is driven by multiple factors: the government’s support through the “Blockchain Action Plan,” fostering research, standards, and talent; Japanese businesses increasingly adopting AI for various sectors; and a thriving startup and venture capital scene investing in blockchain and AI. Key players like Rakuten, NTT DATA, Fujitsu, IBM Japan, and NEC are developing innovative solutions. While still in its infancy, this market promises to grow significantly, benefiting from rising demand for secure and scalable AI solutions, heightened AI adoption, and increased investment.

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Exciting New Emojis Approved

The Unicode Consortium has given the green light to Emoji 15.1, promising a forthcoming wave of expressive icons for your digital communication. While not as extensive as previous updates, this batch includes a horizontal and vertical headshake, a majestic phoenix, a zesty lime, a rustic brown mushroom, and a symbolic broken chain. Additionally, various family size emojis and alternate directional versions of familiar emojis are on the horizon. Keep in mind, though, that it may take some time for companies like Apple and Microsoft to integrate these new emojis into their software, so patience is key. If you’re still craving a missing emoji, you can even propose your own starting April 2024, following the Unicode Consortium’s guidelines.

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