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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #45

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TELUS International and Five9 Launch Advanced AI-Powered Contact Center Solution

TELUS International and Five9 have collaborated to unveil an enhanced Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, offering AI-driven insights for improved customer experience. The cloud-based solution includes omnichannel support, intelligent routing, and deep integrations with leading CRM and ITSM platforms. The partnership aims to revolutionize global customer support, leveraging TELUS International’s proven track record and Five9’s Intelligent CX Platform. The companies have successfully implemented the solution for a Canadian financial services firm and plan to empower businesses in reimagining cloud-based customer experiences.

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Phonism Integrates with Cisco’s Webex

Automated deployment leader Phonism partners with Cisco’s Webex, becoming the first to offer third-party device management in Webex Calling via the Beta Program. This integration streamlines device adoption for Cisco partners, providing cost-effective solutions, including up to 95% savings in BYOD cases, reduced onboarding costs, automated migrations, and zero-touch provisioning. Phonism supports over 280 devices, easing the transition to Webex Calling for businesses seeking enhanced collaboration and communication. Cisco’s VP of Product Management emphasizes the secure, automated solution Phonism brings, reducing complexities and benefiting channel partners.

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Viking Electronics Recommends Ooma AirDial for POTS Replacement

Viking Electronics, a US manufacturer of security and communication products, endorses Ooma AirDial as a reliable solution for replacing Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines. With POTS becoming obsolete, the recommendation follows extensive testing, confirming AirDial’s capability to replicate POTS connections across Viking’s products. Ooma AirDial offers a wireless turnkey replacement, reducing costs with remote management through an online portal. Viking engineers enhanced compatibility, and Ooma’s continuous improvement was highlighted, earning confidence in the recommendation for reliable and cost-effective mission-critical equipment.

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Cresta Unveils Advanced AI Features for Contact Centers

Cresta introduces groundbreaking AI enhancements—Outcome Insights, Knowledge Assist, and Opera—empowering contact center agents and leaders with intuitive, data-driven decision-making. Outcome Insights prioritizes behaviors for better outcomes, Generative Knowledge Assist offers proactive answers, and Cresta Opera enables self-service AI customization. These upgrades, driven by Large Language Models and Generative AI, revolutionize how users engage with Cresta, promising unprecedented performance, insights, and productivity. CEO Ping Wu emphasizes their commitment to maximizing AI’s potential in enhancing agent performance and facilitating seamless collaboration, emphasizing Cresta’s leading position in the AI-driven contact center landscape.

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