NEC Launches UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant for Enhanced Business Efficiency

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NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has unveiled the UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant, a revolutionary productivity tool powered by the advanced UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE artificial intelligence (AI). This latest addition to the UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES lineup leverages cutting-edge AI technology to elevate intelligence, efficiency, and customer care within NEC’s intelligent communications platform.

The AI Assistant, integrated into the CONNECT desktop and mobile applications, utilizes generative AI to streamline access and automation of repetitive tasks for businesses. From content creation to answering frequently asked questions, translating text, and more, users can harness the power of AI within the CONNECT ecosystem. Crucially, the AI Assistant prioritizes privacy and security by not storing any user or company data in the GenAI engine. This ensures that information shared within the customer environment remains confidential and secure.

Free for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT users, including ESSENTIALS, PRO, PRO PLUS, and CONNECT BRIDGE PRO and PRO-PLUS users, the AI Assistant is just the initial offering in a series of upcoming features and capabilities. NEC aims to continuously enhance productivity and time optimization for its customers.

Marc Hebner, Senior Vice President at NEC Corporation of America, emphasized the significance of the AI Assistant in delivering cutting-edge technology for intelligent communications. “This addition underscores our commitment to ensuring our customers have the best tools available to maximize employee and customer experiences, ultimately contributing to their business success,” he noted.

The foundation of NEC’s AI-powered technology, UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE, extends its impact across CONNECT and ENGAGE. With features such as automatic transcription, sentiment analysis, and AI evaluation, businesses can harness the full potential of AI to improve call interactions, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency. NEC envisions further developments, including an AI Interaction Summary feature, to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of every call interaction.

In embracing the UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant, NEC reaffirms its dedication to empowering businesses with innovative tools that pave the way for enhanced productivity and optimal time management.

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