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Unveiling Bleu: Exploring the New Frontier in French Telecom Cloud Platforms

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In a promising step forward for modern digital solutions, French telecom player Orange along with IT expert Capgemini unveiled this week the commence of commercial functions for Bleu, a jointly schemed cloud platform. Tailor-made to address the needs of the French market, this unique offering is particularly aimed at aiding the public sphere.

Representing a broad spectrum of services, Bleu targets the French State, public agencies, hospitals, regional authorities, Vital Importance Operators, and Essential Service Operators. The platform was designed in collaboration with Microsoft and strengthens user access to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services.

Stepping into her new role as CEO of Orange, Christel Heydemann confidently announced the launch of their joint venture’s commercial activities. As she stated, “Together with our partner Capgemini, we are very pleased to announce today the launch of activities of our joint venture Bleu.” Heydemann reaffirmed Orange’s commitment to the challenges of data protection and sovereignty, specifically significant for critical infrastructure operators and public institutions. By ensuring total adherence to the French authorities’ standards and their “trusted cloud” doctrine, she expressed her optimism that Bleu will satisfy these needs.

A vision that was born in 2021 is now a reality, notwithstanding the green signal from the European Commission that only happened in 2023. The next course of action for this innovative platform includes test and pilot projects in collaboration with potential customers. Furthermore, the platform is set to hustle for the SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification from the French National Cybersecurity Agency, expected to be achieved by 2025.

As per expectations, services provided on the platform are set to come alive by the end of this year, bringing a fresh range of possibilities to its clientele. This cloud platform launch marks a promising moment in the technological landscape, assuredly one to watch for those keeping tabs on global telecom news.

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