Singtel and Starlink’s Bold Step for Maritime Digital Transformation

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Singtel made a ground-breaking announcement about enhancing its maritime digital services with the innovative satellite technology from Starlink. This development aims to push ship owners and operators to adopt digital solutions, opening doors to advanced technologies such as AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud-based solutions. Such advancements are set to improve safety measures, operational efficiency, and crew well-being.

With augmented connectivity and reduced latency, operators can analyse data in real-time. This promises to enhance productivity and decrease financial outflows, including fuel consumption and operational maintenance costs.

Starlink is notably the first low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service included in Singtel’s comprehensive portfolio of award-winning digital solutions for vessels, referred to as iSHIP. This portfolio also comprises Paragon, Singtel’s proprietary orchestration platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services. This platform will streamline and automate the intelligent switching between satellite communication services, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality network coverage.

Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Digital InfraCo, Singtel stated, “The addition of Starlink to our existing suite of satellite communications solutions, orchestrated by our patented Paragon platform, is part of our multi-orbit strategy to increase the resilience of satellite connectivity in the industry and to enable the rapid adoption of digital technologies and solutions.”

Mr Chang also pointed out how the maritime industry is a complex, interconnected environment involving large volumes of data transferred between thousands of terminals, ships, and ports worldwide. He emphasized how the industry’s growing demand for faster, resilient, and low-latency connectivity is addressed by integrating Starlink’s solution into Singtel’s suite.

High-speed, end-to-end connectivity is paramount to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve vessel safety and security. Singtel, as the only telco in the Southeast Asian region that features both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) offerings, ensures reliable connectivity even under the most challenging maritime conditions.

Housing over 5,000 satellites in its constellation, Starlink can offer global maritime coverage for vessels of all sizes. It can deliver download speeds of up to 220 Mbps, supporting fleet management, remote monitoring, and navigation. Equipped for challenging environments and featuring easy integration, its simple installation process, small form factor, and efficient power consumption are ideal for ships of all sizes.

As we move forward, telecom service providers and businesses will likely continue seeking out more advanced, reliable, and cost-effective communication channels. This partnership between Singtel and Starlink sets a strong precedent for the broader adoption of digital transformation in the maritime industry.

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