Navigating Subsea Cable Sustainability: SubOptic Foundation’s Insight

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The SubOptic Foundation, renowned for its unwavering focus on education and research in the telecommunications sector, has just released a Report detailing best practices in Subsea Telecommunications Cable Sustainability. The motivation behind this study is to encourage a sustainable future through the use of subsea telecommunications cables, notable for their minimal carbon footprint.

Interestingly, despite their sustainable nature, these cables are often overlooked in studies examining internet sustainability. However, the subsea telecommunications industry is making consistent strides towards driving down its carbon footprint even further. The SubOptic Foundation’s Sustainable Subsea Networks Report provides in-depth coverage of many established and potential sustainable practices for the subsea cable industry. Key among these are disclosing and tracking CO2 emissions, setting attainable yet ambitious targets, sustainable design and operations, procurement and implementation of renewable energy resources, as well as recycling and recovery strategies.

Chairperson of the SubOptic Foundation, Erick Contag, applauded the efforts thus far, stating, “This report is the first significant step in the SubOptic Foundation’s ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration within the subsea telecommunications cable industry on vital future concerns. With the recent expansion of our grant from the Internet Society Foundation, we anticipate even greater contributions to the industry and the global communications footprint ahead. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to every member of SubOptic and others in the subsea cable industry who relentlessly contribute towards making this a reality.”

Championing this research initiative is a dedicated team led by Dr. Nicole Starosielski, Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, all contributing towards industry-wide cooperation for this crucially important cause. Offering significant financial support for the Sustainable Subsea Networks Report is the Internet Society Foundation, which recently awarded a $500,000 renewal grant to the SubOptic Foundation, ensuring the continued progression of enhancing subsea cable sustainability.

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