New Subsea Cable Venture Connects Albania and Egypt

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In a significant step towards enhancing global digital infrastructure, Telecom Egypt and Hungary’s 4iG have officially agreed to collaborate on constructing a pioneering subsea cable directly linking Albania and Egypt. This groundbreaking initiative, originally outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding last October, marks the first time such a direct connection will be established between the two nations.

The proposed cable aims to forge a high-capacity intercontinental link, facilitating data transmission between Africa, Asia, and Europe through a strategic route via Egypt and the Red Sea, before extending into the Mediterranean. Notably, the project includes plans for a branch that extends to Italy, and it opens up possibilities for future expansions to other key Mediterranean locales like Greece and Cyprus.

4iG Group’s Chairman, Gellért Jászai, highlighted the strategic advantage of their Albanian market presence, which positions them favorably to undertake the necessary onshore investments. This endeavor is expected to culminate in the creation of a novel data gateway to Europe, in partnership with Telecom Egypt.

Echoing the significance of this venture, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Amr Talaat, was present at the agreement signing. Dr. Talaat underscored Egypt’s ambition to bolster its role as a central hub in the international digital landscape, pointing out the country’s pivotal position in the transit of over 90% of the East-West international data traffic.

Dr. Talaat further revealed ongoing efforts to expand Egypt’s international connectivity through the establishment of five additional international subsea cables, in collaboration with global partners. This development is poised to significantly enhance the global data transmission capacity, ensuring more robust and efficient connectivity across continents.

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