Telstra Activates OneWeb Satellite Connectivity for Remote Mobile Sites

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In a significant development for remote connectivity, Telstra, the Australian telecom giant, has initiated the transition of its remote mobile sites to the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network provided by Eutelsat OneWeb. This move marks a departure from the traditional geostationary (GEO) satellites, aimed at reducing latency issues and meeting the growing demand for real-time services among customers.

The collaboration between Telstra and OneWeb, which was established last summer, aims to deliver 25 Gbps of capacity to connect several hundred cell sites across Australia. Although the switchover commenced slightly beyond the initially scheduled timeline, the first site equipped with OneWeb’s technology recently became operational in Oxford Falls, north of Sydney. Over the next 18 months, it is anticipated that an additional 300 or more sites will transition to this advanced satellite network.

Cyril Dujardin, a top executive at Eutelsat, expressed enthusiasm about supporting Telstra’s efforts to offer consistent, cutting-edge connectivity across Australia. He highlighted the significance of their partnership with Telstra in testing and deploying innovative technology solutions.

This strategic move is part of Telstra’s broader plan to enhance connectivity in remote areas through the deployment of new base stations utilizing OneWeb’s satellite capabilities. The partnership with OneWeb was forged after thorough testing of the LEO network’s potential applications, including backhaul, IoT services, emergency services connectivity, home broadband, and smart agriculture.

Additionally, Telstra is exploring the use of OneWeb’s network as a backup solution to improve reliability in areas prone to natural disasters. This initiative promises to maintain quality service levels even in isolated communities.

Beyond its collaboration with OneWeb, Telstra has also entered into a partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink, indicating a comprehensive approach to leveraging LEO satellite technology for enhanced connectivity solutions. This dual partnership positions Telstra as a frontrunner in the integration of satellite technology within the telecommunications sector, a move anticipated to drive significant growth in the industry, according to recent forecasts by Analysys Mason.

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