Millicom and Harmonic Alliance: An Insight into Latin American Broadband Rollout

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Luxembourg’s telecommunications stalwart Millicom is advancing its alliance with Harmonic in Latin America. The expansion aims to utilise Harmonic’s cOS broadband platform to offer high-speed internet services across nine countries in the Latin American region.

According to Millicom’s communications, Harmonic’s hybrid fiber-cable nodes have substantially aided Millicom to enhance existing nodes. This improvement paves the way to strategically introduce FTTH swiftly, while guaranteeing the continued delivery of DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specification).

“Advanced telemetry via cOS Central’s real-time network analytics provides Millicom powerful new insights and actionable recommendations for optimal system performance,” stated Millicom.

Speaking on this development, Fabio Mando, Millicom’s CTO, articulated the importance of this news. “Adding fiber services with the Harmonic fiber solution enables us to ensure faster, reliable broadband experiences that delight our residential subscribers while simultaneously giving us the flexibility to offer ultra-high-speed fiber broadband for enterprise accounts,” Mando asserted.

Millicom extends fiber-cable services to over 45 million clients, making a significant mark on the market with over 13 million homes in the network, as depicted by a company summary. As of September 2023, Millicom, and its Honduras Joint Venture, employ close to 19,000 people.

Nimrod Ben-Natan, a senior vice president and general manager of Harmonic’s broadband business, acknowledged the potential of this partnership with Millicom. He expressed, “With the cOS platform and Harmonic’s hybrid nodes, Millicom can fast-track cost-effective deployment of new high-speed fiber broadband across Latin America and increase access to their market-leading internet options.”

Ben-Natan also expressed Harmonic’s enthusiasm, stating they are “excited to broaden our partnership with Millicom and further support their business growth.”

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