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Exploring Mobilise’s Innovative MVNE Services in Nigeria

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Mobilise, a key figure in telecom software solutions, is excited to kick off its Tier 5 MVNE services in Nigeria to answer the demand of the thriving telecom market, currently valued at US$9.09 billion. Nigeria, with an impressive user base of over 200 million, holds a central position in Africa’s telecom milieu, a role expected to galvanise further to reach US$11.43 billion by 2029.

Historically, Nigeria’s dynamic mobile market has been dominated by eponymous operators — MTN, Airtel, Glo Mobile, and 9mobile. However, the advent of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) promises a seismic shift, sparked by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) allotting over 30 MVNO licences in the recent past, injecting competition and fostering innovation.

The recent influx of these MVNO licences has amplified the demand for MVNE services from renowned providers such as Mobilise. Mobilise sits comfortably at the cusp of this sea change, extending its avant-garde MVNE services to aid the launch of new MVNOs. The company’s regional branch in Abuja is singularly focused on propelling businesses to deploy their bespoke telecom services, capitalising on Mobilise’s acumen and infrastructure.

The twist in the tale comes in the form of Mobilise’s HERO platform, a game-changer designed to provide a smooth onboarding experience for MVNOs. The modularity and the high level of virtualisation of this platform not only simplifies integration but also propels businesses towards a faster time-to-market — a crucial determinant in the contemporary industry. Further, the integration of eSIM technology emphasises the innovative bent by providing greater convenience and flexibility to the user.

MVNOs, on their part, endeavour to add tremendous value to the market by appealing to niche segments and stirring competition, yielding benefits to consumers in terms of more tangible options and pocket-friendly rates. From a brand’s perspective, collaborations with MVNOs unseal new avenues for revenue streams and customer interaction, essentially utilising telecom as a bridge to reach audiences innovatively.

Hamish White, director at Mobilise Communication, illuminated his thoughts by stating, “Mobilise has helped over 40 MVNOs launch services in ten markets, and we see a huge opportunity for MVNOs in the Nigerian market. We are excited to contribute to the vibrant telecom ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond. This is an exciting time not only for Nigeria’s telecoms landscape, but also worldwide as this innovative model is essential to enabling mass digitalisation — something that the consumer market is increasingly demanding.”

Mobilise’s HERO MVNE platform, together with a comprehensive range of consultancy services, is ready to present MVNOs in Nigeria with an ‘off the shelf’ product, efficiently eliminating the necessity for complex integrations, offering MVNOs the conveniences to streamline their focus on sales and marketing initiatives. Mobilise has thus stepped into the arena operating as an MVNE in Nigeria.

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