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Navigating Green Development: Telecommunication’s Sustainable Future

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Recently, at the MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei convened the Green Development Elite Club. This gathering had over 90 delegates from prominent organizations such as UNFCCC, ITU-T, and leading network operators like Turkey Turkcell and Hong Kong Telecom (HKT). The focal point was the latest effort towards the construction of Green Target Networks, instrumental in promoting the sustainable growth of the industry.

During the meeting, Mr. Massamba Thioye, Project Executive of UNFCCC-GIH, enlightened participants on how the GIH is pushing for a “systemic innovation to enable green development”. Together with network operators, equipment vendors, and standard organizations, the GIH aims to boost green innovation and operation, thereby promoting a sustainable future.

Concurrently, Vice Chief Engineer of CTTL-system in CAICT and Vice Chair of ITU-T SG5, Ms. Qi Shuguang, described how Sustainable Digital Transformation is now eyeing the Double-Edge Nature of ICTs. She noted that ICT, with its tremendous potential, could be the answer to combating global GHG emissions.

Various green development practices were also discussed by leading global operators. One such case came from Türkiye Turkcell. Mr. Yildiray Ornekli, Access Network Infrastructure’s associate director, divulged their Green Site Solution. It focuses on simplified site redesign and extensive solar energy use, improving not just energy efficiency but also cyber resilience. This innovation demonstrated its efficacy during the major earthquake of 2023 by ensuring stable, reliable communication in affected areas.

On a similar note, Mr. Derek Chen, VP of Engineering Operations at HKT, revealed their intent to become carbon neutral by 2050, aided by their green management system. Already, HKT achieved significant improvement in energy and operational efficiency as 80% of their equipment rooms have been updated with power-saving meter systems, reducing carbon emissions by 10% annually.

The event concluded with Zhou Yu, the president of Huawei Network Consulting and System Integration, presenting two white papers aimed at driving increased sustainability in the telecommunications sector and the wider industry. He underlined the importance of digital and AI technologies in facilitating green and intelligent networks.

Additionally, to ensure the progression of network architecture, Huawei propounded the concept of “Less for More”, focusing on an inclusive network view rather than isolated sites. This strategy revolves around maximizing end-services with minimal resources, contributing to the commitment of green and sustainable development.

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