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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #16

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Data Centre Demand Surges as Hyperscale Providers Expand Globally

The demand for data centres is skyrocketing, fueled by edge services and generative AI (GenAI). Synergy Research Group reports that hyperscale cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure operated over 1,000 large data centres by early 2024, doubling their capacity in four years with expectations to double again. Major investments from tech giants and private equity firms indicate robust growth. The US leads in hyperscale capacity, followed by Europe and China. Additionally, smaller data centres are emerging closer to customers. IDC predicts significant spending growth on edge compute for GenAI workloads, signaling continued expansion for hyperscalers.

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Nokia Q1 Shows Resilience with Profit Surge Despite Sales Dip

Nokia’s first-quarter results revealed a 19% decline in sales compared to the previous year, yet its gross margin improved significantly by ten percentage points, leading to a remarkable 52% increase in year-on-year profits. This boost was largely influenced by exceptional performance in its technology licensing division, achieving a 100% gross margin due to smartphone licensing renewals. Despite market weakness, Nokia’s CEO, Pekka Lundmark, remains optimistic about a stronger second half, citing improved order intake and operational changes. The company is banking on a late-year rebound to meet its full-year outlook, emphasizing dependency on recovering markets like the US and India.

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Telesystem Launches ‘HackersSuck’ Cybersecurity Bundles

Telesystem has introduced new cybersecurity product bundles centered around their refreshed Employee Security Awareness Training. These comprehensive offerings simplify cybersecurity for brokers and decision-makers, combining security awareness training, endpoint protection, and email protection. The company aims to provide easy-to-understand and implement solutions through their partner channel. Additionally, Telesystem has rebranded its cybersecurity products under the #HackersSuck banner, retiring the Threat Protector brand acquired in 2022. Despite the playful branding, Telesystem emphasizes its commitment to quality cybersecurity solutions. They also offer advanced communication services to create a one-stop-shop for businesses’ technology needs. Telesystem prioritizes reliability and customer trust in their technology offerings.

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Modernizing Utilities with GIS: Overcoming Challenges and Optimizing Infrastructure

Electric, gas, and water utility companies are tackling a multitude of challenges, from aging infrastructure to workforce shortages and increasing demand for electrification. They are turning to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to revolutionize their operations. GIS software allows utilities to visualize, manage, and prioritize maintenance of their networks, optimizing asset investment planning and improving decision-making processes. By embracing GIS and modernizing their systems, utilities can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and meet evolving regulatory and environmental demands, ultimately contributing to a sustainable future and improved customer experience.

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