Sigma Lithium Partners with Nokia and Alcon to Launch First Private LTE Network in Americas

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Sigma Lithium, a leading producer of sustainable lithium, has enlisted Nokia and Alcon to establish what is touted as the inaugural private LTE wireless campus network in the Americas. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bolster lithium mining operations with enhanced connectivity and digitalization.

The collaboration will see Nokia and Alcon deploying a private LTE network tailored for 200 Sigma employees, integrating advanced mining applications to elevate productivity and operational efficiency. Leveraging Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (Nokia DAC), the network will provide dedicated bandwidth across Sigma’s sites, facilitating the deployment of ruggedized devices, industrial edge computing, and a suite of ecosystem-neutral applications.

Key applications enabled by this technology include dispatch management, push-to-talk, push-to-video services, and smart badge systems, all crucial for enhancing worker safety and operational agility in the mining sector.

Marcelo Marinho, Chief Operating Officer at Sigma Lithium, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable lithium production for electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy storage. The partnership with Nokia and Alcon underscores Sigma’s dedication to advancing EV technologies responsibly.

David de Lancelloti, Vice President Enterprise Campus Edge Business at Nokia, highlighted the significance of robust connectivity in revolutionizing mining operations. He emphasized the role of mission-critical connectivity in ensuring employee safety and optimizing operational performance.

This collaboration aligns with broader trends in private wireless technology. A recent report by Dell’Oro Group highlighted a significant surge in private wireless RAN revenues in 2023, with projections indicating continued growth, particularly in private 5G RAN deployments by 2028.

Sigma’s innovative approach underscores the pivotal role of technology in advancing sustainable mining practices, particularly in the critical lithium sector essential for the global energy transition. The successful deployment of this private LTE network marks a milestone in digitalization within the mining industry, promising safer, more efficient operations for Sigma Lithium and its workforce.

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