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Legal battle over Alexa between Amazon and VoIP-Pal

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After suing Apple over patents infringement VoIP-Pal is determined to launch the exact same process with Amazon.

The lawsuit has been filed in Nevada, and is focusing and Amazon’s cloud-based virtual assistant, Alexa, especially on its calling and messaging services.

The Washington-based company blames Amazon for using the very same four patents that it is suing Apple for. In Amazon’s case, the technology is used to make function voice and video calls or voice messages.

Voip-Pal is trying to make profits from patents they own that are based on VoIP technology.

The CEO of Voip-Pal, Emil Malak said, “After investigating Amazon’s Alexa platform and Echo line of products our technical team has concluded that the calling and messaging functions infringe our patents. Amazon’s foray into communications seems to be part of a larger trend of giant corporations battling for market dominance by offering Internet-based communication products that integrate with traditional telephony networks.”

How accurate are VoIP-Pal’s claims? Justice will tell, but Malak already stated that he would prefer an “amicable settlement”.