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Singtel launches their Liquid Infrastructure platform for businesses

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Singapore’s leading telecommunications company, Singtel, has launched their cutting-edge network automation platform called Liquid Infrastructure. The platform is designed to help enterprises configure their networks, bringing deployment control and agility to the next level.


Singtel presents Liquid Infrastructure as the ideal solution to ease the digital transformation process for companies, and at the same time helping to manage their network resources, saving time and money.


“With Liquid Infrastructure, Singtel revolutionises the way network services are delivered to enterprises. We have integrated software-based network services to this platform to provide a versatile, robust and scalable solution that delivers critical network services where and when they are needed. By having the control of connectivity in the hands of our customers, we facilitate their transformation to the digital era through a superior and more agile network deployment and management experience,” said the Vice President of Global Products at Singtel’s Group Enterprise, Goh Boon Huat.


The platform is designed to be used for optimized cloud access, flexible bandwidth adjustment, virtual network function, Internet of Things connectivity and rapid remote site deployment. It will enable companies to view network information, provision new services and scale their network bandwidth through a single portal.

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