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Telstra unveils its new customer self-service app, My Telstra

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Telstra, an Australian telecommunications and technology company that offers a full range of communications services, has officially announced the launch of its My Telstra app. The new and improved application provides an easier way to manage Telstra accounts and services, find information, shop and redeem Telstra Plus points. With My Telstra, customers will gain convenient access to billing and technical support, as well as manage their services and payments, get help, check for outages and track orders from their home.


In a statement, Telstra said that its app “has been designed with accessibility at the forefront” and is built to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. The company plans to update the existing Telstra 24×7 app so users can expect to see it on their phone soon. Customers who have auto-update enabled do not need to take any action – their current Telstra 24×7 app will update to become My Telstra in due time. Customers can also click on the update banner that appears on the Telstra 24×7 app or go to the App Store or Google Play and update by April or May, the company said.


The My Telstra app is also designed to help users solve billing issues without calling Telstra’s contact centers, especially now when call centers have reduced staffing levels due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Using My Telstra, customers can easily query a charge on their Telstra bill, request an extension of payment, top-up a pre-paid service account or manage their payment options, including setting up a Direct Debit facility.


Furthermore, My Telstra features a series of troubleshooting guides that help customers easily solve issues with a smartphone or NBN connection. Users can access guides if they are unable to make or receive calls, cannot connect to the NBN network, get call drop-outs or poor call quality, have issues with International Direct Dialing, and so on.


Telstra said that the new app also allows users to receive information regarding outages currently in their area, and those scheduled to occur via routine maintenance. Customers can report faults on their lines via the app and get service and information without having to contact the Telstra call center. In addition, My Telstra users will be able to track orders, activate a SIM card and access guides to help them get connected.


The operator said that the new My Telstra app will be available to 4 million current Telstra app users over the next two months.