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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #21

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Openreach adopts Nokia’s 10Gbps FTTP broadband kit for the UK

The Finnish telecom equipment manufacturer Nokia has announced that Openreach will deploy its next-generation fiber solutions. This will help meet Openreach’s target to bring ultra-fast and reliable broadband access to 20 million homes across the UK by the mid-to-late 2020s. Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, said, “This new digital platform will help our economy to bounce back more quickly from the COVID-19 pandemic – enabling people to continue work from home, and millions of businesses to operate seamlessly online for decades to come.” This supplier agreement also marks a shift away from reliance on Huawei equipment for the UK’s largest broadband networks.


Google and Apple’s joint COVID-19 contact tracing API now available to health authorities

Apple and Google have released the first public version of their jointly developed API for COVID-19 tracing apps. This software will enable public health authorities to build smartphone apps to notify individuals of potential exposure to those diagnosed with coronavirus. Known as the ‘exposure notification system’, the API works within mobile applications through a decentralized identifier system that uses randomly generated keys created on the device. Moreover, this contact tracing tool will use Bluetooth transmission to aid tracing. Apple and Google said their system is privacy-oriented and doesn’t use location data.


Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G tops 5G smartphone market

According to a new study from Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s S20 devices dominated the 5G smartphone market in the United States in the first quarter of this year. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G was the best-selling handset, capturing a market share of 40 percent. “US 5G smartphone shipments reached a total of 3.4 million units in Q1 2020,” said Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics. “All 5G smartphone models, for now, use Android software, with Apple iPhone expected to deliver its 5G range later this year.” Samsung competes with Android rivals such as Motorola, LG, OnePlus, and TCL in the US 5G smartphone market.


China Unicom and ZTE team up for 6G

China Unicom and ZTE Corporation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop 6G technologies and are planning to jointly explore 6G technical trends and future standards. The companies will also be actively promoting the in-depth integration of 6G with satellite networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial IoT. The new technology is expected to bring with it greater speeds, and enhance some of the 5G technologies such as AI, VR, and AR. Given that this is only the beginning of the research, analysts suggest that 6G technology will not be deployed until 2030.


Altran unveils new tool to help developers find bugs in source code

Altran Technologies, together with Microsoft, has launched a new artificial intelligence-based tool that helps developers predict and identify the source code files that are carrying a higher risk of having a bug. The Code Detect AI offers a set of tests to diagnose and resolve potential problems, speeding up the development cycle and reducing the cost of fixing bugs. Altran said that this tool employs various machine learning (ML) techniques including random decision forests, support vector machines, multilayer perception (MLP) and logistic regression.


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