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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #29

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Qualcomm invests $97 million in India’s Reliance Jio Platforms

Qualcomm has become the latest high ranking sponsor of the four-year-old Indian company, Reliance Jio Platforms. On Sunday evening, Qualcomm Ventures revealed their plans to invest $97 million in Reliance Jio Platforms and to assist that company launch advanced 5G infrastructure and services for their local customers. Furthermore, Reliance Jio Platforms has introduced cut-rate voice and data plans into the Indian telecommunications market, attracting almost 400 million subscribers. This rapid growth has resulted in the company becoming the most successful operator in the world’s second largest market in less than four years since its establishment.


Deutsche Telekom explores quantum tech with OPENQKD

The German operator Deutsche Telekom, in partnership with the OPENQKD (Open European Quantum Key Distribution) consortium, are preparing to research quantum key distribution (QKD) technologies in order to develop quantum-safe data transmission. In spite of the fact that quantum technology is still in the early stages of development with very few pragmatic implementations, in the future it will likely yield groundbreaking applications in many industries. Deutsche Telekom is also helping with the development of a test site in Berlin, where researchers are making use of the operator’s 100km fibre optic network to explore the limitations of this new technology. The association is currently testing QKD technology at 16 locations, including four primary areas in Vienna, Poznan, Madrid and Berlin.


Nokia releases 5G software upgrade for 4G networks

On Tuesday, Nokia, the Finnish multinational telecommunication provider, released new software that enables Telco’s to upgrade their 4G/LTE radio stations to 5G/NR. According to Nokia, the software-based upgrade solution will provide future cost savings for the telecommunications industry, and communication service providers (CSPs) will be able to upgrade their networks to 5G/NR on FDD without requiring site visits or replacement of equipment. In addition, last week Nokia became the single largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment that has undertaken to add open interfaces to its products.


Zoom’s new line of hardware for home use

Zoom, one of the leaders in modern enterprise video communications, is announcing a new range of products called “Zoom for Home”. The new products include a software interface and a line of hardware devices made explicitly for the work-from-home environment. For the very first “Zoom from home“ product, the company collaborated with DTEN, an enterprise that manufactures products for conference rooms. The all-in-one device named “Zoom for Home DTEN ME” comes with three built-in, wide-angle cameras, 8-microphones and a touch screen display that can be used for presentations and whiteboarding. Zoom is also planning on incorporating additional features into their hardware in the near future.


Gmail for G Suite to release new update with Chat, Meet, Rooms and more

Google is unveiling an extensive update to its G Suite productivity tools. The new update will integrate Gmail, Chat, Meet and Rooms on the web and on mobile, and also incorporate other tools such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides. This project has been in development for about a year, with the idea of bringing together different modes of communication, such as chat, email, voice and video. One handy new advantage of these productivity tools is that Google is collaborating with some of its partners to bring their apps into the platform. Of specific interest in this regard are DocuSign, Salesforce and Trello, whose products would provide significant customer benefits if integrated into G Suite.


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