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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #37

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Ribbon announces hybrid slicing for 5G

Ribbon Communications, a provider of real time IP-based communications and software solutions, announced that it has partnered with Xilinx Inc. to develop a 5G hybrid slicing solution for next-generation networks. Slicing is important in 5G, as it enables the separate 5G integral service classes. Hard slicing is necessary to meet the strict requirements for availability, bandwidth and security of highly sensitive services, while soft slicing provides benign insulation for services with a lower critical limit value. Ribbon will highlight its 5G solutions, including hybrid slicing, during its 5G Perspectives virtual event on September 14, 2020.

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Oi sells its mobile assets to Claro, Telefónica and TIM

Three operators, Claro, Telefónica and TIM, formerly known as Telecom Italia, have won the bid for the Brazilian operator Oi’s mobile assets valued at more than $3 billion. In the past, these operators had a purchase agreement called a “stalking horse” that acts as an initial offer that other interested bidders must exceed if they plan to buy the assets. However, this is not the end of the process, as Oi cannot complete the reorganization until it holds an asset auction. However, it seems as though the Telefonica-Claro-TIM consortium will be able to exceed any competing bid, so there seems to be a clear path for them to successfully complete this transaction.

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Vodafone Idea rebrands as ‘Vi’

Vodafone Idea, one of India’s largest telecom operators, has rebranded as ‘Vi’ for a “fresh start”, three years after the merger of the Vodafone Group India and Idea Cellular. In recent years, the operator has lost more than 100 million subscribers due to the newcomer Jio Platforms. In addition, last week the company received shareholder approval to raise an amount of $3.4 billion by selling shares and taking on additional debt. The company also received much-needed relief when the country’s highest court granted them 10 years in which to repay the billions that they owe the government.

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AT&T’s 5G is slower than 4G

The American computer magazine, PCMag, has published the results of its annual mobile network testing. It turns out that 4G phones connected to AT&T are faster than 5G phones in 21 of 22 cities. The unsatisfactory results displayed in the PCMag test are due to how today’s 5G phones work, and how AT&T allocates its spectrum. Needless to say, AT&T 5G should be faster than 4G by the end of the 5G roll-out, and the result only shows how AT&T has used its spectrum to currently deploy 5G. On the other hand, thanks to AT&T’s strong 4G service, the average download speed is 103.1Mbps.

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Huawei prepares for the switch to Harmony OS

Huawei has revealed a major update to Harmony OS, which could be available in smartphones by 2021. The company officially unveiled Harmony OS at its developer conference in August of 2019. Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, said that Harmony OS 2.0 is taking a big leap towards broader connectivity across the mobile ecosystem with the release of a developer beta version for smartphones and TVs. Yu added that the upgrade makes the platform completely open source and offers users advanced services, including distributed data management and security capabilities.

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