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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #42

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Apple reveals 5G iPhones

Apple waited a little longer than other manufacturers to introduce 5G phones, probably because they wanted to be certain their first 5G iPhones are top class. The company unveiled its new iPhone 12 phones on Tuesday. All new iPhones are built around the fast Apple A14 Bionic chip, they support 5G wireless connectivity, and are protected by a ceramic shield to make the phones more damage resistant. Bringing 5G to the iPhone is a huge step forward for the company, as it will provide a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, video streaming, games, real-time interactivity and more.

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Masergy launches Work From Anywhere solutions

Masergy, a software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise, announced two new SD-WAN Work From Anywhere solutions. Masergy’s SD-WAN Secure Home is a lightweight Fortinet Secure SD-WAN device for fast connection via the residential Internet. It also has a built-in firewall and router, direct connections to cloud services, and cyber security features in the secure access services network. For mobile users, the Masergy SD-WAN On the Go will be available next month. It is a multi-platform software client and VPN that uses IPsec tunneling and endpoint protection to secure remote connectivity to corporate networks. It also gives users a secure SASE connection anywhere.

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Lumen expands coverage with Cisco’s cloud-based collaboration service

Lumen, a global enterprise technology platform, has expanded the capabilities of its Cisco Hosted Collaboration Service (HCS) platform to new regions around the world. The cloud-based unified collaboration service makes it possible for customers to take full advantage of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Collaboration Services for IP-based voice, video and messaging services. Furthermore, this platform enables enterprise call features, has a cloud-based contact center for call forwarding and a new generation of agent and supervisor desktops. With this advancement, Lumen customers can use cloud video calling and conferencing capabilities along with VoIP services.

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Zoom launches OnZoom platform and Zapps

Zoom, a cloud-based video telephony and online chat service provider, is releasing the OnZoom events platform and marketplace for general access, and Zapps, which  brings 35 enterprise launch partner apps directly into the Zoom experience. OnZoom allows users to host one-time events or a series of events with up to 100 or 1,000 attendees, and sell tickets to these online events. For nonprofits, Zoom also incorporates the ability to receive donations during events through its partnership with Pledgeling. The launch of Zapps is based on the idea of integrating applications directly into the Zoom experience so that users do not have to switch between multiple applications on their desktop.

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AT&T offers private cellular networks with Ericsson

AT&T and Ericsson are joining to offer enterprises a private cellular network that uses a shared CBRS spectrum that, according to the companies, will optimize localized operations requiring low latency and high security. AT&T’s local edge portfolio uses Ericsson’s Industry Connect to incorporate CBRS into its edge portfolio, which includes AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC). Private networks, such as the MEC and CBRS solutions, reduce latency and strengthen security and control by processing local data on the premises of a business website instead of routing it to public networks.

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