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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #48

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Zoom and Lumen advance their partnership

The telecommunications company Lumen is already a partner of Zoom, but Lumen has recently announced that it has advanced the partnership further to introduce Zoom delivered by Lumen. Zoom delivered by Lumen combines the embedded network security capabilities of Lumen with Zoom’s integrated security features to actively protect businesses using their combined services. Shaun Andrews, CMO at Lumen, said: “We’re happy to take this partnership a step further by combining our platforms and our strengths to create Zoom delivered by Lumen. Together, we will help keep families, businesses, schools and hospitals securely connected to the world, and thriving in the fourth industrial revolution.”

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BT to deploy their global network cloud next year

BT has been working on their BT Network Cloud for some time now, since deciding to focus on this cloud-native platform. BT has Network Cloud nodes in the UK but will be deploying them worldwide too. Network Cloud Nodes are required to support the services that the company wants to virtualize, and that is why now the company is focusing on cloud native. Through its nodes, the BT Network Cloud accesses data centers, central offices, and key locations. BT is currently rolling out on prem edge services on its own cloud platform as a trial.

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Coolwave Communications, a European provider of voice and messaging solutions, has selected, a global number and messaging cloud technology expert, to supply it with a global DID number inventory management platform. Coolwave acknowledges Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers as one of the most important innovations in communications services, and uses the platform to simplify its approach and create new abilities. is a complete number and messaging solution that provides full control over inventory, suppliers and customers. Its platform is designed to be easily customizable, quick to install and simple to manage. The platform also eliminates complexity and provides users with an improved experience when buying numbers.

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UK government imposes stricter telco security laws

The UK government intends to pass a new law aimed at raising cyber security standards for the country’s telecoms networks. The law will give the government new powers to enforce security standards and order the elimination of high-risk vendors. The new law will introduce a much stricter 5G and fiber framework, with heavy fines of up to 10% of turnover or up to £100,000 a day for operators who fail to comply with these requirements. The government has attributed this new law to the growing need to protect UK networks from malicious attacks from abroad.

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Telco cloud revenue to reach $29 billion by 2025

According to a report by ABI Research, the global telecommunications cloud market is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years. The global market value is currently around $8.7 billion. And this number is expected to more than triple to $29.3 billion by 2025. Based on their models, the global telecommunications cloud market will be distributed somewhat evenly around the world, with a value of $10 billion in North America, $9 billion in the Asia-Pacific region and $8.2 billion in Europe. However, the growing number of participants in the telco network industry also means additional complexity, which will subsequently require better coordination.

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