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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #13

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MessageBird acquires 2 companies

The cloud messaging platform, MessageBird, has announced the acquisition of two companies that will increase its customer engagement portfolio. The goal of MessageBird is to improve communications between companies and their customers. Their multi-channel technology aims to give customers the opportunity to communicate with the business in a way they like, rather than limiting the business to the currently-preferred method. Buying 24sessions and Hull provides MessageBird with even more possibilities. The company believes that consumers prefer to use messaging rather than voice calls and are proposing that businesses use this method of communication to cater to customers.

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ETSI published TR 103 639 for timeslicing

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), known for its universally accepted standards such as UMTS, 4G and TETRA, has published TR 103 639. The technical report describes a system and metrics for timeslice measurement methodologies for assessing the performance of RTP-based voice communication. The Timeslice KPI saves the temporal details of measurements and  also allows the precise aggregation of metrics to assess network transmission performance and the resulting user experience. The Timeslice KPI allows voice service providers to generate accurate statistics for a network cell, corporate customer trunk, route, destination, or any other interested party.

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Pax8 partners with LogMeln

Pax8 has announced a partnership with LogMeIn, providing Last Pass, its industry-leading password management and single sign-on solution to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), giving them visibility and control over each of their customers’ business access points. LastPass is a packaged solution for password management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. The LastPass solution is specifically designed for MSP and features a single central administrator console where partners can view, access and manage clients while securely protecting passwords and managing access to applications. In addition, this solution provides the flexibility to add or remove seats as needed.

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Cellnex closes acquisition of Play towers

The Spanish operator Cellnex Telecom has announced that it has finally acquired the Polish operator’s P4 tower infrastructure from Play (Iliad) after receiving an approval from the country’s competition authorities. The deal was announced in October 2020, with Cellnex agreeing to pay €800 million in cash for a 60 percent stake in a company that will operate about 7,000 telecommunications sites in Poland. Earlier, Cellnex committed to invest up to €1.3 billion for 5,000 sites to be installed in Poland by 2030.

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Infobip PaaS now available on Microsoft Azure

Infobip, a cloud communications provider, has announced that the company’s Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is now available for Microsoft Azure. The company has joined forces with Microsoft through its consulting and technology partnership team to provide omnichannel capabilities for B2B and enterprise business operations. The newest addition will offer customers a wide range of marketing, security, authentication and customer support solutions. Infobip’s latest Azure features include omnichannel customer support, the “Moments” automated customer engagement program, and an artificial intelligence chat robot for support services.

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