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Infobip launches customer engagement platform Moments

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The international IT and telecommunications company Infobip announced the launch of its new omnichannel customer engagement platform, Moments. Infobip provides a global cloud communications platform that enables companies to create a connected customer experience at all stages of platform usage.


The new Moments platform will allow brands to better understand and reach the modern consumer in the digital age. It also promises to provide a sense of human touch to digital communications by supporting personalized messaging and creating smart automated trips through a nationwide omnichannel customer engagement hub.


The service is designed to create a sincere connection between people through relevant content obtained from important customer information analysis, including their interests and activities. Moments uses Infobip’s first mobile telecommunications legacy to allow marketers to build long-term relationships through its extensive portfolio of channels, which include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line and other chat apps, as well as SMS, email, RCS.


The key features of Moments include:

  • Easy cross-channel campaign management
  • Data unification from multiple sources
  • Smarter audience segmentation
  • Dynamic marketing automation
  • A powerful analytics tool

Adrian Benic, VP Products, Infobip, in a press release commented: “For those brands looking to provide a service that fosters trust and loyalty, simply knowing your customer isn’t enough. You need to understand and empathize with them and know how they like to experience different channels. Some channels, like WhatsApp for example, are today widely used for everything from communicating with a health professional to a grocery delivery provider, so it’s important to make sure you include something like this into the mix and meet customers where they already are. Similarly, an SMS tends to be read instantly whereas an email might sit in someone’s inbox for a while without needing an instant response. It is about understanding the ecosystem and planning customer engagement around that.”

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