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Samsung Electronics introduces DX Division

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Samsung Electronics has named its newly merged mobile phone and home appliance business the DX (Device eXperience) Division, representing the company’s focus on consumer demand in a range of electronics, as well as its continuous commitment to provide consumers with innovative and meaningful experiences.


The organization will focus on offering exceptional customer experiences by providing services and solutions that match the demands of users, as well as a diverse variety of products ranging from TVs and appliances to smartphones and network equipment. The company hopes to improve synergies across numerous industries and generate distinctive goods and services through the DX Division.


This new division, led by Vice Chairman and CEO Han Jong-Hee, will include the Visual Display Business, Digital Appliances Business, Health and Medical Equipment Business, MX Business and Networks Business. The renaming reflects the company’s increased global leadership and longer-term future-oriented corporate structure.


In keeping with its development of future-oriented technologies, Samsung has also changed the name of its mobile communications division to MX, short for Mobile eXperience. The division’s name change to MX is Samsung’s first in 26 years, and it demonstrates the company’s swiftness in responding to the worldwide trend of converged technologies to enable multi-device experiences. Consolidating consumer goods under one roof streamlines the company’s operating structure and may help Samsung compete more effectively with its main competitor Apple.


Samsung announced the restructuring last week, dividing the company into only two parts and changing CEOs at its three primary units in the company’s biggest leadership move in four years. The corporation now consists of the DX Division and the Digital Solution (DS) Division, which encompasses the Memory Business, Foundry Business, System LSI Business and LED Business as a consequence of the reorganization.